Benefits of Document Distribution Software

Document distribution software is an electronic file system that allows you to send and receive drawings, documents and other digital files. This type of software allows buyers to select from a range of options to find the perfect document management solution. Options could be as simple as allowing team members to upload PDF files to emails or as complicated as enterprise content management systems (ECM) with integrated records management and digital asset management software.

Document distribution software can help companies reduce the time employees spend searching for relevant information. Employees are often wasting time searching for information without having a central file storage system. They may need to switch between different systems, or browse through email messages and folders. This can cause delays in the delivery to customers and clients of important documents, which can also impact the revenue.

Most users of software for distribution of documents are looking for more than just a location to store their files and share the files with others. They want a comprehensive solution that can streamline processes, enhance customer service and help deliver faster results. They can choose from solutions that offer numerous tools to automate workflows and provide secure access and also keep track of usage metrics.

Businesses seeking a flexible and scalable option for distribution of documents should look into Orangedox. The app lets businesses track when their Google Drive documents have been downloaded or seen. They can see the document that was downloaded by whom, as well as how long. It can also send email notifications when a document is opened and opened.