Best Investment Banking Schools

The best investment banking courses are known for producing students who excel in their field. They provide excellent undergraduate and postgraduate courses in economics, business and finance. They also provide numerous networking opportunities and resources for their students.

Ivy League schools like Harvard and Yale continue to dominate the top investment banking schools list. Their alumni are highly sought-after by bulge bracket banking institutions and they have the best networks of any school. Other top schools include Cornell University’s SC Johnson College of Business, which boasts a stellar program that includes numerous summer internship opportunities at the such institutions as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Blackstone, Citi, and J.P. Morgan.

Picking a school that can provide an easy path to a career in investment banking is also important. You should choose a university with programs specifically designed for you that are relevant to your field of interest. It can also assist you in connecting with professionals in the industry to receive an internship or job offer.

Also, you should consider the presence of top investment banks on campus and whether or not the school offers a degree data room automation in finance. Additionally, it’s helpful to look into the number of alumni who work in investment banking at a particular firm and in a specific area. If a particular school doesn’t have many alumni working in the field that you are looking for, it could be difficult to break into it even in the case of a top-ranked institution overall.