Board Meeting Etiquette

In addition to the meeting itself Board meetings require a great deal of preparation by many people. Everyone involved should adhere to the proper protocol for board meetings to ensure that these meetings are as productive and effective as is possible. This will ensure that discussions remain focused and will prevent participants from being distracted or distracting others.

It is crucial to avoid this by distributing the agenda, reports, and the talking points a couple of days prior to the meeting. This allows attendees to prepare their questions and remarks in advance. Additionally, if members have actual or potential conflicts of interest they know about it is a good practice to let the chair know prior to the meeting so that he or she can allow the member to declare their conflict and request them to refrain from voting.

Respecting the opinions and contributions of others is a crucial aspect of etiquette. Being attentive to the other speakers and refraining from interrupting them even if you disagree with their opinions, is part of this. This includes speaking clearly, and only asking questions when you need to. It is also recommended to turn your phone off or to silent during the meeting. And only answer personal calls if an emergency occurs.

This will allow the others to focus and fully participate in the meeting. Don’t let them be distracted or worry about your microphone not being muted by the ringtone on your mobile phone.

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