How and Where to Buy CATCOIN CATS Detailed Guide

How to buy cat coin

Shire Post Mint coins are struck one at a time in West Fork, Arkansas, USA using solid metals, hand-engraved designs, antique machinery and traditional coining techniques. For antiqued coins, the coloring/patina process is done by hand, and it is both an art and a science so coins will vary slightly. Our unique packaging includes a description of each coin and translations if applicable. The project doesn’t anticipate large wallet holders (whales) that will influence the price in their favor. $CatCoin is already programmed to inhibit such practices.

How to buy cat coin

CatCoin is a cat-themed token developed on Binance Smart Chain to bring all cat lovers together in a community. The intention of launching CatCoin is also to help cat shelters by creating and donating new DeFi products. Since it’s developed using the BSC, the transaction involving Catcoin is relatively on the lower side, compared to projects developed using other blockchains. CatCoin is a community-based project that’s built on top of the Binance Smart Chain. It has a utility token with the symbol “$CatCoin.” Aside from earning passive income, token holders can use the token to pay for goods and services within the project’s ecosystem.

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However, you still need to follow a few steps to do it – that’s why we made this easy tutorial for you! It is separated into parts – just follow the one that matches your purchase method. You can get this token by contributing your quota to the project or by investing your money to support the team to further develop the CatCoin ecosystem.

How to buy cat coin

Bank transfers are slow in many countries, so bank transfer is often the slowest way to buy CatCoin. Make sure you know what fees you’ll be charged  which you can find on the exchange’s website How to buy cat coin before signing up. The fee structure should be clearly stated when you make your purchase, but it can help to factor in that cost beforehand so you don’t spend more than you expected.

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Yes, you can do that easily by using Binance to exchange Ethereum for Catcoin. Generally, you will want to find the CAT/ETH trading pair and “place an order” to buy CAT with your ETH funds. Exchanges are listed in the descending order of trade volume (that is, how much trading happens on those sides). When your payment details are verified, click ‘buy/sell’ button on the top menu. Use your CatCoin to pay for travel, buy gift cards, eat at restaurants, and more.

  • When Ethereum appear in your new exchange account (it may take a few minutes), you are read to trade it for CAT in the new the exchange.
  • At the time of the last update of this review (20 March 2020, right in the middle of the crisis with COVID-19), BitMart’s 24 hour trading volume was USD 1.8 billion.
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  • Etsy is no longer supporting older versions of your web browser in order to ensure that user data remains secure.
  • Robinhood also has the same limitations as Paypal (or Venmo) where they “don’t currently provide you with access to your wallet or your wallet address” which means they do not offer a way for your to transfer your crypto out of Robinhood.
  • Some exchanges charge fees based on a spread, or margin on top of the market price.

If an exchange has more protections, better security, or other important features to you, it may be worth slightly higher fees. Here it will show the Bitcoin (BTC) address of the exchange. Now you have to send BTC from your wallet to that address. We collaborate with many artists to create our coins. Forbes’ top 10 Best Crypto Exchanges of 2023 .Providing Spot trading 400+coins (like DOGE&XRP) and up to 200X leverage in Futures trading. We strive to help our readers gain valuable, trusted insights through in-depth analysis, high-quality and well-researched News stories and views from the digital currency community experts.

Choose how you want to buy the CatCoin(CATCOIN) asset.

If you want to exchange it to regular currency, trader CAT for bitcoin and exchange BTC into dollars, euro, or other currencies. Europeans https://topbitcoinnews.org/ can use BitPanda to buy bitcoins or ethereum with Skrill. Ethereum or BTC can then be converted into Catcoin on Binance.

  • Needless to say, if you start trading here, you will not have to worry about the order book being thin.
  • Select ‘Ethereum’, and enter how much money you want to spend/how many coins you want to buy in the windows on the bottom of the page.
  • Here you can either choose to provide a credit/debit card or use a bank transfer.

Once the exchange will receive your BTC then it will initiate the Catcoin (CAT) conversion. You can always track your transaction on the blockchain with our easy to access links, below is your transactions status. A token is a representation of an on-chain or off-chain asset. The token page shows information such as price, total supply, holders, transfers and social links. Every transaction on the CatCoin ecosystem has a 2% deduction, which will be distributed to all token holders.

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Additionally, token holders will earn rewards for every transaction conducted. You can buy, sell or trade Catcoin (CAT1) on more than 10 exchange listed above. The total trade volume of Catcoin in last 24 hour is around 0 USD.