How to Prepare for a Corporate Board Seat Interview

You’ve been working hard to get an interview for a corporate board seat – networking, readying your profile and elevator pitch, alerting your professional networks of your desire to join the board and submitting your application for the sought-after interview. You should be proud of the fact that you’ve achieved this milestone in your board journey. However, this interview is just one of the many steps that lie ahead in the path to securing the board seat.

The interview offers the company a chance to see if you are able to help their business, and help them achieve the goals of their strategic plan. In the course of the interview, the company will ask you questions regarding your experience and background to evaluate your leadership abilities. They may also discuss the culture of the board and how you could fit in with the existing members of the board.

It is important to prepare for your interview by knowing your unique value proposition (BVP). You should know what sets you apart from other candidates and how this can benefit your board. This BVP should be on the forefront of your thoughts throughout the entire interview. You should also be aware with any possible conflicts of interest you may have that could prevent you from becoming a board member for the company. Knowing this information will allow you to discuss these issues in an informed way with the interviewers.