Oculus App Content – A New Place For Independent Developers

We’re all familiar when it is to the Oculus Storefront and its rigorous curation. This is what ensures the quality of games and experiences high and prevents low-quality apps from getting through the cracks. renderingwithstyle.com This makes it more difficult for independent developers to make their VR content on Oculus.

To combat this, Oculus recently launched a new program called “App Lab” to give independent developers a place to share their VR content without having to go through the rigorous curation process of the Oculus storefront. The App Lab is similar to the normal Oculus storefront in that you can browse and install apps in the same way you would on a traditional storefront but it’s not curated.

If your app is successful in the App Lab, it might be pushed to the official Oculus storefront where it will gain more attention and a larger audience. However it’s not based solely on download numbers, but also on factors such as retention metrics, long-term profitability, the development team, etc.

App Lab is a great way to experience the full range of Oculus Quest applications. There are tons of interesting games and experiences including popular nongames like Tilt Brush which turns your headset into a virtual art studio. Quill Theater is a cool VR media app that features amazing animations and films created by the community.