React Tutorial: Learn React JS Free 11-Hour Course

The React Bootcamp allows students who already know the fundamentals of JavaScript programming and basic HTML & CSS to take their skills to the next level. React is a fantastic JavaScript library for building rich user interfaces. It provides a great component abstraction for organizing your interfaces React Lessons into well-functioning code, but what about the look and feel of the app? There are various ways of styling React components from using stylesheets to using external styling libraries. React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It’s maintained by Facebook but it’s free and open-source.

React Lessons

Let’s store the current value of the Square in state, and change it when the Square is clicked. As a next step, you want the Square component to “remember” that it got clicked, and fill it with an “X” mark. Note how unlike the browser divs, your own components Board and Square must start with a capital letter. Then we define the HelloWorldApp function, which is a functional component and behaves in the same way as in React for the web. This function returns a View component with some styles and aText as its child. First of all, we need to import React to be able to use JSX, which will then be transformed to the native components of each platform.

Topics Covered

The Board component now maintains which squares are filled. You’ll need to create a way for the Square to update the Board’s state. Since state is private to a component that defines it, you cannot update the Board’s state directly from Square. At first, you might guess that the Board needs to “ask” each Square for that Square’s state. Although this approach is technically possible in React, we discourage it because the code becomes difficult to understand, susceptible to bugs, and hard to refactor.

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🟡 Lists and Keys in React

Instead of class you will need to use className, instead of onchange you write onChange, and instead of for, you must use … wait for it … htmlFor. You should be fairly familiar with the camelCase naming convention from the naming of variables in JavaScript. This will return the HTML code that the component will output into the website document.

  • Note how unlike the browser divs, your own components Board and Square must start with a capital letter.
  • There’s no way for a component to ask what key its parent specified.
  • They show you step-by-step what code to write in order to build a given UI or application.
  • You can also paste it into your App.js file to create a real app on your local machine.
  • Since you are recording the tic-tac-toe game’s history, you can now display a list of past moves to the player.

We cover some of the hardest concepts in React, like avoiding stale values in our side effects. In this module, we learn how to use event handlers and React state to update the UI based on user actions. We’ll learn how to wire up forms, how to work with complex state structures, and how to manage state across the application. We’ll discover how to do iteration and conditional rendering in React.

🟡 Understand What React Is

You can check out this in-depth guide to state in React to get a better understanding of how it works. Examples might be simplified to improve reading https://remotemode.net/ and learning. Tutorials, references, and examples are constantly reviewed to avoid errors, but we cannot warrant full correctness of all content.

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  • You could give any name to the Square’s onSquareClick prop or Board’s handleClick function, and the code would work the same.
  • The Board component is fully controlled by the props passed to it by the Game component.
  • And we’ll learn how to leverage best practices like lifting state up.