Tips for Running an Effective Nonprofit Board Meeting

Clear communication is essential when it comes to meeting of the board of a non-profit organization.

It is essential that your board members are aware of the purpose of their meetings, and how they fit in with your overall organization’s strategy. Instead of wasting time with low-level updates that can be shared via your board portal, or in the board package meetings it is crucial to concentrate the discussion on generative goals, and strategically informed decisions that can help increase the effectiveness of your organization.

It’s also helpful to develop an agenda for each meeting, and then send out the agenda materials prior to the meeting to ensure that the board members can become familiar with the issues that will be discussed. It’s impossible to conduct an efficient board meeting if your board members arrive at the meeting in search of documents report, documents and other information.

Also, make sure to include an “mission moment” at each board meeting that highlights real-life successes and progress of your organization. This keeps your board members motivated and engaged for the duration of every meeting. When your mission statement involves sharing testimonial images or videos, it’s an excellent method to keep your board members involved in the organization’s success. Then, when it’s time to concentrate on fundraising or other responsibilities, your board members will have the motivation they require to achieve the goals of your organization. For more suggestions on running a successful nonprofit board meeting, read our article here.

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