Venezuela Wedding Traditions

Venezuela is rich in culture and many of those traditions will be reflected in their wedding ceremonies. From reception celebrations to honeymoon traditions, we will check out some of the most popular Venezuelan wedding customs.

Probably the most interesting practices is “la hora loca” or crazy hour. During this time, the bride and groom sneak out of your reception while not anyone noticing. If they are not caught, the couple is usually guaranteed to possess good luck in their marriage.

Wedding Wedding rings

Venezuelan wedding events are full of interesting persuits, from pre-wedding rituals to post-wedding celebrations. Here are some of the most unique Venezuelan wedding practices may very well not have known about:

One well-liked venezuelan tradition involves the groom presenting his soon-to-be wife with 13 coins called “las se?al. ” These coins symbolize riches and very good chance. They’re also a reminder of the groom’s promise to supply for his new wife throughout their marriage.


Another Venezuelan wedding party tradition is usually to see how extended the bride and groom can stay concealed from guests after the reception ends. If they will make it to midnight without being caught, the couple gets good luck for years to come.

A Venezuelan wedding party shower may be a time for relatives and buddies to celebrate the couple just before their big day. Often , guests will bring gifts to get the newlyweds-to-be such as cookware or bedding sets. They may also play classic online games like disregarding a pinata filled with chocolate.


A Venezuelan wedding ceremony will usually characteristic thirteen numismatic coins known as se?al. These coins symbolize the apostles of Jesus and legally represent wealth and good luck with regards to the few. During the feast day the bridegroom presents his bride with these money and pledges to provide for her in any way possible. The groom and bride can also present a infelice to their padrinos as a sign that they will always be there for starters another.

Music and dance are necessary portions of Venezuelan marriage ceremonies. Well-liked genres incorporate salsa, merengue, bachata, reggaeton and folkloric music coming from various regions in the area. Guests frequently dance to these sounds during the reception.

The flower woman and ring bearer typically wear dresses that match the bride’s costume. This traditions is a great method to make the bridal party look unified as they walk throughout the aisle. Following the ceremony, guests throw grain at the bride and groom. This custom is intended to desire the couple fertility, prosperity and good luck inside their marriage.

La Hora Loca

La Hora Loca, or the crazy hour, is a Venezuelan tradition that takes place throughout the reception get together. This is an excellent and fascinating time that was when compared with Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Brazil’s Carnivale. During this time, guests will probably be given whistles https://mylatinabride.com/venezuelan-brides and masks put on while grooving the night aside.

This is an excellent way to get everyone excited and energized throughout the evening. Only when the music begins to die-off down and individuals seem bored, the sound will rise, lights will flash, and exotic performers will come out to parade through the crowd.

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Wedding Shower

A marriage shower is a fantastic way to indicate the bride-to-be or groom. Typically kept before the wedding day, guests are invited to a brunch, a lunch break or tea party and may even bring gift ideas. However , the guest list is usually restricted to those who received a wedding invitation. This kind of may help prevent injured feelings, in the event that one or more of the friends decides to not ever attend the wedding ceremony for reasons uknown.

Audio performances and dancing also are common on the wedding day in Venezuela. A lot of popular genres of music consist of salsa, merengue, reggaeton and bachata.

Prior to her big event, the bride-to-be of a Tujia community methods crying for one hour a day for a month—ironically. She also gives every single of her bridesmaids a cutting of myrtle, an herb that symbolizes love (Kate Middleton included several in her bridal bouquet! ). It really is thought that when a bridesmaid crops the myrtle and it flowers, she will always be the next new bride.